Uri Shkolnik


Mr. Uri Shkolnik brings over 20 years of leading the software development of many SoC and embedded systems. Proficient at heterogeneous computing, symmetric multiprocessor systems, hard real-time OS, silicon software development, signal processing, software virtualization and emulation and complex computing systems, Mr. Shkolnik possess lengthy experience with projects management, and engineering leadership. Mr. Shkolnik was deeply involved with designing, while holding a rule ranging from a senior engineer to software team/group manager and architect, of numerous software systems, for the healthcare, communication, defense, irrigation, digital video broadcasting, and consumer industries, including extensive business relationship with tier-1 companies, as well with numerous smaller companies. For the last 6 years Mr. Shkolnik holds the position of CEO with Zoro Solutions. Before Zoro, Mr. Shkolnik held the position of Software Architect and Project Manager with Siano Mobile Silicon. Previously he held multiple R&D positions with DSPG, IXI Mobile and Harmonic.

Dr. Noam Livneh, PhD

CTO, System Engineering

Dr. Livneh joined NeviMed with more than 30 years of expertise in wireless communications, signal and image processing and a vast experience in system architecture and the leadership of their implementation. He held a number of senior positions in the wireless industry. Dr. Livneh held a 20-year tenure at RAFAEL, where he headed the R&D of a number of jam resistant wireless systems and image tracking warheads. He also co-founded HeliOss Communications which was later acquired by Microwave Network Inc. and held the position of CTO at both companies. Lately he was Senior Director Technology at Qualcomm Israel and a senior lecturer at Ort Braude Collage of Engineering. Dr. Livneh received a BS and MS in Electrical Engineering from the Technion and a PhD in Electrical Engineering from the University of California, San Diego. He has 12 patents and a number of publications in peer reviewed magazines.

Dr. Nir Nathansohn, MD, MHA


Dr. Nir Nathansohn graduated (M.D.) from the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev on 1990. While serving in the IDF in various field and office positions, he got his MHA (summa cum laude) from the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, and trained as dermatologist at Sheba Medical Center. His last position at the IDF was as the chief dermatologist. In 2004 he opened the first clinic in Israel dedicated to skin cancer screening and early detection by the mole mapping method in Sheba Medical Center. Since 2007, while chairing the Sheba clinic, he serves as a general dermatologist at Maccabi Health Care Services, and as the owner of a successful private mole mapping clinic. Dr. Nathansohn is actively promoting the use of dermoscopy and mole mapping in Israel by organizing and directing the only official dermoscopy courses in Israel. He teaches residents and colleagues at the Tel Aviv University Continuing Medical Education program, and he is an invited speaker in dermoscopy courses in the USA and Asia. He served as CMO of Orscan and is currently the CMO of Naturapil. He is a member of the American Academy of Dermatology, board member of the Israeli Dermatologic Association and the International Dermoscopy Society.

Dr. Tali Garin Shkolnik, MD, PhD

Clinical Trials

Dr. Garin-Shkolnik is a dermatologist and an active researcher in the field of skin diseases. During her military service she held a research position in the Unit of Behavioural Sciences. She graduated (M.D.) from The Hebrew University Hadassah Medical School in 2004, with honors. She pursued a Ph.D. degree in molecular biology, in the Weizmann Institute of Science. She received her Ph.D. on 2010. She continued to work as a post-doctoral fellowship and later on as a scientific consultant in the Department of Molecular Genetics, the Weizmann Institute of Science. Since 2012, Dr. Garin-Shkolnik is working in Rabin Medical Center, Beilinson hospital, in the dermatology department, as a resident physician. She actively participates in both clinical trials after completing GCP training, as well as translational research projects. Her main interests are improving the diagnosis of skin diseases with a major impact on life morbidity and mortality, and promoting new modalities of medical interventions